Essential Items For The DIY Enthusiast

No doubt, you can hire professionals for doing restoration work in your home. However, there are many things that you can do on your own. You only need a couple of tools to carry out regular maintenance work in your home and save lots of money in the bargain. For example, suppose you want to fix a framed picture of your kids in your bedroom, you will require a hammer, a screwdriver, and wall plugs and screws. It takes a couple of minutes to get the job done, and the satisfaction you derive from doing the job by yourself is unparalleled. You only need to spend a couple of Pounds to purchase the list of items mentioned below. You can do typical repairing work in your home with them.
List of items a DIY cannot live without.

- Hammer: It is an essential tool to include in your do in yourself list of tools. You need it for any project that needs breaking something apart or knocking something into place. As an example, you will need it to hammer nails into the wall plugs to hang photo frames, mirrors, or artwork. Although there are many different types of hammers including sledgehammers and club hammers, the claw hammer is the most useful for a DIY enthusiast. It contains a curved V-shaped head at one end for extracting pins and nails and a blunt end for hammering on the other end.

- Cordless drill: It is your trusted companion when you want to remove a fastening, fix a screw, or drill a hole in the wall (you need to do this step before hammering in the plug into the wall and fixing a nail or screw into it). The term cordless implies that the drill uses chargeable batteries for power. It means that you can work with it, even if there is no power source in the vicinity. This gadget too is available in a wide range. However, you should opt for a combi drill as it offers both screw driving and hammer capabilities. The biggest advantage is that you can use it on various surfaces from plasterboard, wood, metal, and concrete.

- Adjustable wrench: Your DIY toolkit will remain incomplete without this tool. You will need it to grip and turn a nit or bolt. It comes in handy when you require to tighten a nut on a leaky pipe or repair your kid's cycle. Just like screws, bolts and nuts come in various sizes and shapes. Instead of purchasing different wrenches, opt for an adjustable model. You can adjust its jaw to suit different-sized bolts and nuts.

- Putty knife: This versatile DIY tool is needed for a host of household needs such as removing grout between tiles, fixing in nail holes with putty, or taking down wallpaper. These knives are available in different sizes, from slim and long blades to wide and short blades. Make sure that you purchase a model crafted from quality flexible materials such as steel.

The other important tools include:

-Spirit level

- Utility knife

- Screwdrivers

- Pliers

- Saw

- Tape measure

- Wall plugs and screws

The most important item is a toolbox in which you can safely store and carry your tools from one place to the other.